Demon Wolfcast Minisode 3: Sterek

This is a podcast I thought we’d get to way down the line but with some pretty big developments and recent events we decided to finally tackle something big, Sterek. In this minisode, Micah and I try to put aside the seemingly vicious discourse and have a measured and thoughtful conversation regarding Sterek as a ship, the viability of it happening on the show, and take a good hard look at the various sides of the fandom reactions to the possibility of Sterek. This is not mean to serve as the end all be all for the conversation surrounding Sterek but we hope it will serve as a jumping off point to maybe a more social conscious conversation using a critical eye.

Direct Download: Right click here and save as. You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes by using this link or going directly to iTunes and searching “Demon Wolfcast”.

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